NuQu® Cell-Based Therapy
Currently in Clinical Studies

NuQu Figure 1NuQu is an early-stage development cell-based therapy aimed at resolving the cause of back pain associated with degenerative disc disease. People suffering from this type of back pain have few treatment options. While conservative treatments, discectomy and spinal fusions may offer temporary relief, they do not treat the underlying problem, and thus pain often returns. Another treatment involving total disc replacement devices can preserve motion and eliminate back pain; however, these treatments are invasive and offer limited advantages over spinal fusion.

BackpainNuQu injectable cell therapy is intended to provide a non-invasive solution to treat the underlying cause of back pain. NuQu is composed of culture-expanded juvenile cartilage cells in a protein-based carrier. Ongoing preclinical studies demonstrate the healing potential of juvenile cartilage cells introduced into the intervertebral disc. In these preclinical studies, NuQu appears to restore both nucleus structure and disc height.

NuQu's breakthrough technology may offer an early solution for patients when conservative treatments have failed and surgery is their only option.

NuQu® is a registered trademark of ISTO Technologies, Inc. This product has not been approved for human clinical use. Patent pending.

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