ISTO Mission Statement

ISTO Technologies is an orthobiologics company focused on developing differentiated products for spinal therapy, sports medicine, and trauma.

Medical Challenge

Damage to cartilage in the knee and spinal disc is the leading cause of pain, loss of mobility, and disability to people worldwide. To date, no available procedures have been proven to regenerate and restore function to these tissues on a consistent and cost-effective basis. Patients with osteoarthritis in the knee or degenerated spinal discs live a life of pain until radical surgeries become their only means of relief.

The ISTO Difference

With headquarters in St. Louis, ISTO Technologies is an orthobiologics company focused on developing breakthrough biologic products for orthopedic and spinal applications. While other biologic companies are exploring various technologies, ISTO is the only company with a patented juvenile cell technology that has proved to be more effective than adult cells in regenerating cartilage tissue. ISTO's versatile cell expansion platform allows for commercial scalability and, ultimately, broad clinical applications.

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